I know it sounds kinda stupid and silly to believe in mermaids but I do. I don’t know if this video is true but even if it isn’t I still believe, mermaids exist. I’m not saying that I believe they look like Ariel or something, but I do believe their upper body looks a lot like a human’s. Of course their skin will be a lot different, as well as their hair (I don’t believe they will have hair like the human hair) and their face won’t look as pretty as a beautiful woman’s as we’ve seen in movies and stuff, but their characteristics will be very similar to a human’s.

In general I do believe that somewhere deep down in the ocean live some half-human - half-fish looking creatures that we have named mermaids/mermans and although I would be very excited and incredibly happy to see one day, I don’t ever want them to be found. People are mean and they do anything for money. I don’t want them to destroy something I love and take advantage of it and ruin it. They’re already ruinning the seas and the oceans, the sharks and the fish and all the sea creatures. I prefer to never ever see those creatures than see them and then humans destroying them.

Happy Bday to an amazing person! <3 

Love ya Brett!



So my family and I are meeting our relatives from America (we live in Greece) in a few months after such a long time and my grandma will see her brother after 20 friggin years! So I’m gonna film the whole thing and I want to make a video afterwards and I want some songs for it! Please…

Just because I’m Christian and I believe in Jesus and God and everything, doesn’t make me one of those hypocrites who are “good Christians” but all the really do is judge EVERY-FUCKING-ONE!!!! Being a Christian means loving people and NOT judging them! And besides all that, my faith is non of your business! Let people believe whatever they want and don’t judge or make fun of their religions/beliefs!

There are so many assholes out there pretending to be cool and loving everyone and blah blah and then they go and make fun of other people’s beliefs and religions and all that and what they support is only gay and bi people and everything else just to seem cool and “Oh yeah! I’m not a racist at all whether I judge everything that’s not “cool”!” !!!!!

No! I’m not a homophobe or a fucking racist asshole!

I just love ALL people and don’t like the ones who judge all the time! Be with women, be with men, be with both, be with whoever you want! Just be yourself and don’t judge! Just love people however they are, with whatever they have!

Just be nice and kind to each other and don’t fucking label people!

I hate people who label people
Whatever your sexual orientation is, I don’t care! Don’t rub it on my face in whatever possible way! Be whatever you want just don’t brag about it ALL THE fucking TIME!


Mosquitos are so rude, like who gave you permission to bite my ass?